Monday, 23 September 2013

Skater style dress

I have been a bit of a procrastinator this past week, I have done very little sewing, no posts and very little activity ( I usually swim a few times a week) but after seeing a relative yesterday who isn't well, it made me think I need to get on with stuff. I came in today got straight on with finishing a dress, cooked the tea then went for a swim. I don't feel any more tired than I would have done had I flopped when I came home so it just shows you sometimes we just need awake up. the dress I finished is of the same style to two others I have made, one is sleeveless with pleats in red, the other is shaped to the waist  and patterned ( I made that one for my holiday) and this one in navy blue is short sleeved.

I started this a few weeks ago but the weather was still  quite warm and the jersey is quite heavy so I had no inspiration to finish it as I like to wear things when I finish them. However now it has cooled down I know I will be wearing it soon.  I had this belt a while it came with some primark jeans ages ago but I never wear it with the jeans, I knew it would come in handy.  I think this dress would also look good with a long sleeved t shirt under or a little cardi.  Has anyone else been feeling they haven't got on with things recently? How do you motivate yourself when you are feeling tired from work and think of a million excuses why you haven;t done whatever?
I often read this fantastic blog  here  the positivity blog is full of inspiring advice whenever you feel in a bit of a slump. I also think it is good to focus on a couple of things you want to achieve outside of work and not make yourself a massive to do list as this could just leave you feeling worse if you don't accomplish everything.

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