Monday, 9 September 2013

Pikachu toy from all purpose cloths

This past week my son has been asking me to make him a pikachu toy, I said I would do it then when we had been to the craft shop we forgot the yellow felt even though we were talking about it while we were in there! I quickly thought how I had used all purpose cloths before when I had made him some other toys ( Arx from the Astrosaurs books was one of them) and we still had to go to the supermarket so I decided that was what I would use. They are not as thick as felt but still quite useful for some craft projects and sometimes you can get them in a roll of pastel colours for about £1.50 the ones I bought were yellow as that is what I needed and came in a pack of three for 99p. they are quite a good size 40cm by 34cm.

I only used one and a little bit so I even have some left to clean with. I wasn't sure exactly what this thing looked like as he only had a picture which was obscured on a little game so we went online to find this..
Now I think it's a funny looking thing anyway but mine looks a bit different. I used a fabric pen on the ends of its ears, I just cut one piece for front and back about 30cm tall, separate pieces for the front arms (legs?)
and separate pieces for the tail. I stuffed these then inserted them into notches that I made on the front and back. I used soft toy stuffing but you could use any scraps or old tights that you have and of course it will be machine washable. I  used  some black denim on the eyes and a bit of pink felt for the cheeks ( I had no red left).  Here it is...

Now that he is finished I realise that  he needed to be more chubby but never mind my son is happy with him. 

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