Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Craft books new and frugal

I have been looking over this book I got from the library and would like to share a bit about it with you.  It's called stitch it for spring ( yes I know it's not spring) and I have had it on order for ages. I originally put it on my wish list but then found I could order it from the library so I took it off again. I often do that it saves me making impulsive purchases or at least gives me time to decide if I really want it. Here it is..

It has some gorgeous images inside and the projects are really lovely, it features a lot of appliqué and hand embroidery. I do use a lot of appliqué  in my sewing but I have to say I tend to use a zig zag stitch around mine although I will be using the hand method when I put some of the ideas into practice. There are eight projects in the book and I have to say that while I enjoy the inspiration I like to do my own thing. The book suggests all the fabrics which are by the author Lynette Anderson, and there are templates in the back.  I will be having a go at something similar but not exactly the same as this..

I like the mixture of stitches and appliqué but I will use my own trees and the bird in the picture above is actually one of the authors buttons that she sells, I wont be buying any but some people might like the extra touch.  I will also use whatever fabrics I have and I will  share it when it is complete.
if any one wants to buy it i have found that Amazon now have it at  £5.03 here with free postage. ( I would like to point out I am not affiliated with Amazon it's just where I tend to buy from)
On the subject of books here is another of my favourites but this one I own, and yes it was on my wish  list for about six months and I decided that I would buy it.

I love the fact that these projects are encouraging you to reuse which is what I like to do rather than just rush out to buy new fabric. Here again are loads of ideas that you can copy or modify and you can also check out Betz White's blog which is really amazing here.  I really like the pillow slip dresses for little girls but as I don't have any of my own or friends with young girls I have not really had cause to use it.  It would be a great way to use those charity shop pillow cases for those of you that do though, and with some ribbons or rick rack I'm sure it would be a great starter project.

It can be found at the same source as above but I would always try the library first but they didn't have it when I wanted it, maybe it's available on loan in your area and don't forget to check the book section of the charity shops sometimes they have nothing but you can just drop on a gem occasionally.  I've got to go and create a vintage style dress for someone now, I've made the mock ( out of curtain lining!) and we  have sorted the fit, I need to make the real thing now, I have designed it myself as she didn't have a pattern just an idea so you can have a peak when it's complete.

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